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Updated: Jun 16, 2020

The Hackney Pony

Mark Wilson and 3 yr old The Remington who has won the American Royal several times.

When they enter the arena both driver and pony look collected and calm, trotting at a comfortable pace. Kind of like being out for a Sunday afternoon drive. As they move around the arena you can start to sense the excitement building as the pair anticipates the phrase everyone is waiting for. Then it echoes through the building from the announcer, “Please show your pony”. The arena comes to life with some of the most amazing equines you will ever see. They may be slightly smaller in stature than an average horse but what they lack in height they make up for in so many ways.

The Hackney Pony not only shines in the showring but is a pleasure to be around, which is why they have become a beloved member of the breeding program at Spring Lane. Their brilliant expression, and spectacular energetic action have made these a favorite at the ranch. As trainer Mark Wilson drives by, you will often see staff peak out of their barns or office windows to watch. Even neighbors call or stop Mark when he takes the ponies for a drive into the quiet surrounding neighborhood.

Mark with 3 yr old Twin Willow's McDreamy who has won many World Championships

Developed originally in 1872 by Christopher Wilson, the Hackney Pony was created to pull carriages. Becoming popular for their toughness and endurance while keeping great trotting ability and polished style. In the early twentieth century as cars became more common many pulling breeds, the Hackney Pony included, started to vanish. However, after WWII the breed began re-gaining popularity as people realized their fearless nature and unmistakable movements made them a beautiful addition to the showring.

As versatile as they are beautiful these ponies show in four divisions of classes that can meet anyone’s needs. If going fast gets you engine revving, The Roadster Pony is sure to get your blood pumping. For those who like to take long Sunday drives, the casual and enjoyable Pleasure Pony would fit like a glove. The most popular class is The Harness Pony, well known for animated motion and elegance is ideal for the person who prefers perfection and luxury. Ponies are also shown in The Hackney class, a slightly more casual version of the Harness class, and in-hand classes, usually for weanlings and yearlings.

It is not just their style and fluid action that makes them such a wonderful choice for owners. Hackney Ponies are well known for their temperament. While each pony has their own personality most are mellow, calm, and friendly, making them good companions as well as showring superstars.

These bold, high stepping ponies with the brilliant expressions have something to offer everyone. We invite you to come by and meet our Hackney Ponies and see if you don’t fall in love as well.

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1 commentaire

16 juin 2020

Spring Lane Ranch has impeccable stable arrangements, and Mark Wilson is so gifted with working with all breeds of horses, not just Saddlebreds and Hackney Ponies, but with even Belgians to drive!

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