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June 2020

The year is almost halfway over.

For June, we celebrate Father's day, talk about the breed you can't help but fall in love with, and introduce you to one of our great trainers. Oh, and don't forget to catch a glimpse of Grace further down the page!


April 2020

 Discussing foal care from newborn to weaning, a great timeline on the developmental stages of young horses, a special thank you to our amazing staff, and much more! 


February 2020


We went super fluffy this month. After all, it is Valentine's.

So dive in, get your sappy on! We promise we won't tell.

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December 2019

Gifts for your horse, year in review, show updates and more!

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May 2020

This month we tackle the final piece of foal care, weaning. We also discuss opening back up for lessons, our summer schedule and a message about pilates classes.


March 2020

 Packed full of great information like fitness for equestrians, foal care and recent shows updates!


January 2020

Happy New Year's!

Saying good bye to old friends and expecting new arrivals!

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November 2019

New website, building champions article, and news from the Paso Fino Nationals.