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Hurricanes and Horses

Just a few reminders about horse safety when it comes to hurricanes since we are in that season!

  • Water. If you don’t have a source of water such as a pond or lake and your water relies on electricity, grab some cans or barrels, and fill them up. You may be without for several days, and your horse will need it.

  • Feed and Hay. You may not be able to get to a feed store after a storm so find a dry place to store a few extra days of hay and feed.

  • Identification. Have at least two forms of identification on your horse. Good forms of identification to use are a microchip, a tattoo, a brand, luggage type tags in the tail, or secured to the halter, a fetlock tag, even hair color (you can clip it out afterwards).

  • Health papers. Have your registration information, vaccines, and health papers in a place where you can grab them if you need to evacuate with your horse or claim your horse after a storm.

  • A place to go. If you must evacuate, have a list of places you can go that take horses or fiends you can haul to.

  • Stall, pen, or corral. You may have to put your horse up after the storm if you have fence down. Have a plan of where you can do that.

  • A Safe Area. If the place you plan to put your horse during a storm is unsafe, in other words it may trap them in an area where they cannot escape from a tree falling, a building coming down, or debris flying at them, consider leaving them out. Horses are born with a strong set of survival skills, knowing how to run from danger and move away from things coming at them is deep rooted. If an area is unsafe during a storm, block them from being able to get into that area rather than risk them getting trapped in it. Pick up debris around the pasture and barn that could become dangerous in high winds.

  • Medical Supplies. Have them on hand in case you have to bandage wounds or injuries after the storm.

Please continue to stay safe this season!

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