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Finding those Grand National Champions

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Every September our team loads up a weeks worth of supplies, feed, hay, and horses to head to Perry, Georgia for the Paso Fino Grand National Show. It's an entire week of showing, meeting new people, catching up with old friends, and putting your horses' abilities and your skills as a rider to the test, all in the name of finding those Grand Nationals Champions.

This is the week that everyone in the Paso Fino industry works for, plans for and looks forward to all year.

Every show leads to this one.

Our team of trainers and grooms, our clients, and our horses made all of us back home at the Ranch proud this week! Starting right off at the beginning of the show with Malaquias de Spring winning Grand Champion Bella Forma 2 Year Old Colt to watching one of our newest clients, Courtney Coughlin, take Grand Champion Bella Forma Gelding for the third year with recently purchased Mandatario de Spring.

As you would expect the competition on a national level is fierce but our clients, Dr. Anne Kerr and Courtney Coughlin executed beautiful and graceful rides in all of their classes and placed well. Owners, Heather and Darrel Shea, and trainer, Alex Zapata, all had amazing rides as well. The show was a great success and after everyone recuperates from a week on the road at a horse show (I know anyone who shows will understand that statement), we will be right back at, training horses, training clients, looking at bloodlines and pedigrees for next year's breeding, all in the name of...

...finding next year's Grand National Champions!

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