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Meet Our Staff: Nikki Hernandez

Niki Hernandez

Housekeeping & Grounds

Niki has worked for Spring Lane for eight years. She loves being around the horses and being able to tap into her creativity when decorating the ranch for holidays. When you drive onto the grounds and see all the beautiful flower beds, it's Niki's hard work that keeps them looking so beautiful. She says she like to plant different types of flowers to bring color to the ranch. She likes the fact she gets to be outdoors and that guest and clients get to enjoy the decorations and flowers. It makes her happy when she sees someone admiring them, knowing she has brought them some happiness.

Niki says working with the horses is like therapy. "I love helping with the mares when they are about to birth. It brings a special peace to my heart being able to help bring new life into the world. Especially seeing them from birth through growing up really blesses me."

Everyone on the ranch gets a special joy when Niki shares her amazing Puerto Rican food with us! It's no secret around the ranch that Niki is an amazing cook!

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