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Meet Our Staff: Kim Wilkey

Kim Wilkey


Kim has been running the office at Spring Lane since 2012 but prior to that she spent 20 years following her husband across the world wherever his air force career took their family. She frequently talks of Europe and England and you can see a passion for traveling and history when she shares her stories. The flexibility and variety of environments and careers she encountered during that time are a big part of what make her not only great at what she does but a truly valuable asset to the ranch.

She will tell you, she always jumped at the chance to ride during family vacations even though never owning a horse of her own. It was retired Saddlebred trainer, Pat Wessel, along with Heather, who convinced Kim to compete in driving for the ranch. Kim says, "Each horse is a challenge, but they are so much fun to drive! I love the individual personalities and watching them grow as athletes."

Kim's favorite part of working at Spring Lane is sharing in the vision the owners, Heather and Darrel, and the people she works with. When she isn't making sure everything runs smoothly for Spring Lane, she and her husband love to travel to see their grandbaby or enjoy a cruise. We expect Kim to be doing overseas traveling very soon as one of her grandbabies is currently moving to Germany!

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