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Meet Our Staff: Anibal Garriga de Jesus

Anibal Garriga de Jesus

Paso Fino Trainer / Instructor

A native of Penuela, Puerto Rico, Anibal has been riding over 17 years professionally. He knew he loved riding since he got his first horse at age 6. Training and showing extensively in the Puerto Rican circuit, he established an excellent reputation for himself as a calm and skilled horseman. Working with Jimmy Espino and then becoming the head trainer for Hacienda La Mia and later Hacienda Culminante. He has trained and won grand champions with horses such as Fena de Isabela, La Sublime del Culminate, Picaflor de la Sierra, and Aventurero del Conde, along with many others.  His favorite part of training is the breeding. Looking for that ideal horse and the mare who compliments him, getting the ideal results, then ultimately watching the foal as it grows and develops. Anibal's philosophy for training is that the best teacher for the trainer is the horse. He says each horse is a different world and each one is a great teacher for the trainer. As he trains, he applies all of his knowledge to the horse and lets them teach him what they need. Anibal left Puerto Rico with his family to look for a better future for both his family and as a professional. He says, he enjoys working at Spring Lane because of the facilities, the amazing team, and because the care of the horses is the best he has ever seen. In his down time he enjoys hanging out and spending time with his wife and 3 daughters usually at the mall or watching videos of some of the great Paso Fino trainers around the world. Anibal also just became a Grandfather for the first time!

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