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Meet Our Staff

Javi Torres

Trainer's Assistant Paso Fino

Javi is one of the friendliest staff here with people and horses. His joy is evident in the big smile he always shares with everyone. Javi got his first horse, "Fleche", when he was 13. The Paso Fino breed was part of his culture growing up in Puerto Rico and as a young man he worked with trainers such as Jonathan Roldan Oquendo, Jose Sife, and Dadier Rosario training horses like Curunay and Inquieto de Besilu.

Javi loves that working with the Paso Fino horses makes him feel like he's at home and back in that culture. He has been with Spring Lane for 9 years and thinks the best part is having Spring Lane owners, Heather and Darrel, for bosses. The second thing is having the opportunity and trust to work with the horses. As much as he loves the horses he enjoys having spare time to take his ATV out to the mud and crab fish also. When you visit the ranch, you can't miss Javi. While all of Spring Lane's staff is friendly, Javi will be the one with the big smile and warm greeting.

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