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Dynamic Duo: Ari & Flicka

Ari Harrison is a 15-year-old horse lover who has been boarding her horse Flicka at Spring Lane for a little over a year. Her family chose the ranch because they liked how well the facility is maintained, how well the horses are taken care of and how friendly everyone always is. Ari thinks the trainers are pretty amazing too! She has loved horses since she started taking lessons from a family friend when she was 6 years old, and her passion has continued to develop as her skill level has over the years. Often you will find her riding in the arena or around the property on the weekends, or working with trainer, Mark Wilson, in the afternoons.

Ari purchased Flicka 5 years ago which opened a wide realm of possibilities since Flicka is that type of horse who can do just about anything. Ari says that is one of her favorite things about Flicka. “She is always willing to do anything.” This young pair has in fact tried a little bit of everything and has done well at it all. Mostly Ari likes competing in the Western classes, though they have done English Dressage and she is working on preparing for English Saddle Seat, which she hopes to show in at the next show.

Her goal as a rider, like most of us, is to continue to improve her skills and to place at state level competition. Currently her trainer Mark has her working on posture and hand placement which can be the feather that tips the scales when you are in serious competition. When I asked Ari what some of her favorite things were about her trainer, Mark, she responded, “My favorite things about my trainer are how he pushes me to work harder and does not train the same things all the time. He changes lessons which is more fun. He is also very encouraging. The trainers make me want to work harder.” She shared with me that one of the most valuable things she has learned since she came to Spring Lane was posture, because it gives her better balance and helps her be more prepared when unexpected things happen.

Ari, Flicka and their family have been a wonderful addition to Spring Lane. It’s a privilege to be a part of the bright future we see for this dynamic duo and we are excited to see what’s ahead!

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