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A letter to Santa

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Dear Santa,

I’ve heard all the kids talking about you and they said they write letters to you, I hope you take letters from horses too. I think I should be on your nice list. I’ve been nice to my owner even when I'm asked to do things I don’t like. I listen to my trainer every day, well almost every day. I have not rubbed my waterer off one time this year! I did unlatch my gate and wander around one time but if you were next to my neighbor you would do that sometimes too! I even eat all my dinner when they put that funny tasting stuff in it.

I only want to ask for a few things. I think my owner is pretty amazing and was wondering if you could give them something they really wanted. Maybe those new boots they’ve been talking about. I was wondering if you could give my trainer something nice for all the days he praises me for my hard work. Could the nice man who brushes me and bathes me and cleans up after me get something cool too! Oh, and the lady who does the thing with that machine and her hands! She always makes me feel so relaxed and better after a hard day. Those guys who come around and fix things like the waterers I don’t break, they should get something too, they are always so nice to me. The one who feeds me every day, he deserves something really cool because he brings me food, every day! The lady in the office comes by and talks to me and scratches my neck all the time, please don’t forget her.

Lastly, I would like some more peppermints, a few apples, some more time with my owner, and some more time on that vibrating thing and in the pool would be awesome! If I could meet Vixen that would be pretty cool too!

Thanks Santa!


p.s. The kids say you come down the chimney. We don’t have a chimney, but we have a really big door on the barn and I’m on the left just in case you weren’t sure. See you soon!

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