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From green-breaking to show ring polish, tune-ups to behavioral issues – our experienced and professional trainers can develop a program to suit your needs. Let your horses benefit from our years of experience.

Paso Fino Training

Our Paso Fino trainers, Alex Zapata and Anibal Garriga have many years of experience successfully training from laying foundations with foals to putting the finishing touches on a seasoned show horse. Both Alex and Anibal are natives to Puerto Rico and came to the states to work with Paso Fino horses.


Alex spending his summers as a kid in Ocala at Young's Ranch moved their to become a trainer at the age of 18. Alex was eager to become a judge, realizing early that he had an eye for what was happening between rider and horse. As soon as he was old enough he earned his Paso Fino Horse Association judge accreditation and his Federacion de Technica de Jueces in Puerto Rico. He is frequently asked to judge shows around the states.

While Alex was fine tuning his skills in the states Anibal continued training and showing in Puerto Rico. Anibal has been riding professionally for over 17 years, winning champions and reserve champions at shows such as Copa Alcalde, Copa Cali, and Isabella Pro-Paso. He moved to the states in 2016 when he became a part of Spring Lane Ranch's Paso Fino team.

These two trainers have made our Paso Fino program very successful over the last few years. Some of the titles and awards they have won for Spring Lane Ranch include:

  • 2019 Paso Fino Horse Association Top Ten Geldings of the Year with Mandatario de Spring

  • 2018 Paso Fino Horse Association National Champion Bella Forma Geldings

  • 2018 Paso Fino Horse Association National Champion Bella Forma Yearling Colt

  • 2018 Paso Fino Horse Association National Champion Bella Forma Colts 2 Years Old

  • 2018 High Point of the Year with Mujeriego de Spring

  • 2017 Paso Fino Horse Association National Champion Bella Forma Yearling Colts

  • 2017 Paso Fino Horse Association National Champion Bella Forma Geldings

  • 2016 Paso Fino Horse Association Reserve National Champion Bella Forma Yearling Fillies

  • 2016 High Point of the Year with Chispa de Spring

Saddlebred & Hackney Training

Mark Wilson has been in this industry his entire life, growing up in the shadows of some of the elite trainers in the discipline. It's no wonder why he is now bringing in the tri-colored ribbons for Spring Lane and our clients.

On top of growing up at the famed Twin Willow's Farm and raising some of the finest Hackney Ponies in the country, he has spent his fair share of time on the green carpet of Louisville, making him a well-known name in the Saddlebred and Hackey industry.

A few of the high honors Mark has earned in his career are:

  • 2009 Reserve World's Champion Junior Road Pony with Outside the Lines

  • 2005 Reserve World's Champion Two Year Old with Undulata's Blue York Lady

  • 2002 Harness Pony Stallion/Gelding Stake Reserve World's Champion with Night Editor

  • 1994 American Hackney Horse Society Junior Exhibitor Award

"The competition in the Fine Harness Championship was fierce. Not only did the horses that qualified in the open class show, they were joined by the amateur class winner as well as the junior horse reserve champion. Each elegant horse looked impressive but when the card was turned in the top honor was awarded to Mark and PJ Wilson’s young horse, The Road Less Traveled. This team made their debut at JD Massey in 2007 and had heads turning then. That hasn’t changed as the crowd gave this dynamic team a great round of applause as they park trotted around for the victory pass."  - The Saddle Horse Report





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