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Sometimes We Just Need A Second Chance

Over the last month as I watched our client, Dina, play, ride and enjoy her morning hang out sessions with Poco, her recently rescued horse. I couldn't help but think how very different life was for Poco just a year ago. Now regularly doted on and worried about. He gets plenty of grooming and care, never goes hungry and seems to enjoy not only their hang out sessions but their rides together.

Dina adopted Poco from HART for Horses and has been in love ever since. It's no wonder why either, the two of them just seem to be like peas and carrots together.

As I did pictures of Dina and Poco, again I couldn't help but think how this horse, who could've been euthanized or even spent the rest of his life in the situation he was in, was now given a second chance to have this amazing relationship. Sometimes we just need a second chance to show the world how very beautiful we can truly be!

We encourage you to volunteer, support and believe in the hard work of local rescues.

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