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Ribbon Cutting at Hope Equine Rescue!

Heather and Kim had an amazing visit to Hope Equine Rescue, Inc last Thursday for their official ribbon cutting. Dani Horton and her crew of volunteers are such a blessing to our community. Her rescue facility is beautiful and the work she does there is truly amazing. If you have the ability to donate money or time, this rescue is definitely worth it. We have known Dani for years and can't say enough about her. We loved meeting "Demon Donkey" and all of the other current residents at the rescue. Dani's reading with rescues program for children is innovative and blesses the kids who participate and animals alike. It was fun to learn about specific animals who look forward to this event and really engage with the children. Keep up the good work Dani Horton, we are so proud of you and happy to support your rescue.

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