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Dedication To Building Champions

When it comes to being an athlete it’s really all about being ready, physically and mentally. We think both are equally important to the client and the horse. Our trainers spend time with each horse under their care every day preparing them for their future competitions, whether it’s carrying their rider through a trail or facing off against 10 other competitors in the arena.

Daily workouts, Theraplate sessions, swimming in the hydrohorse treadmill and regular Magna Wave and sport massage treatments allow the horses at Spring Lane to be fit for whatever challenges they face. This dedication to the horse’s wellbeing shows itself every time one of our horses and clients step into the arena.

We’re not all about the horse though, your physical and mental wellbeing are a top priority to us as well. Our trainers spend hours each week with clients building a foundation giving you confidence in your horse and your own abilities. Offering Pilates and Yoga classes to strengthen your core and increase your flexibility.

Then we package all these amazing services into a facility that is breathtaking and peaceful. Whether you take a moment to walk through the barns, step out on the dock, listen to the water from a fountain or just sit on the platform and chit chat with a fellow rider, you can feel the tranquility.

Let us help you and your horse be the best you can be mentally and physically!

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