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Meet our Staff

Mark Wilson

Saddlebred & Hackney Trainer  / Instructor / Judge

Mark Wilson has been in this industry his entire life, raised on the famed Twin Willow's  Farm. He has deep roots with horses. His family raised one of the leading Hackney breeding stallions in the country, who revolutionized the Hackney Pony Industry. Mark loved watching horses progress under the watchful eye of well-respected trainers like Terry McKenzie, and Dr. Alan Ruan. Growing up in the shadows of these elite men and woman, Mark began training his own horses to show at an early age. Spending his fair share of time on the green shavings of Louisville, has made him a well-known name in the Saddlebred and Hackey industry. ​This respected trainer has started, and successfully shown, multiple world champion Hackney Ponies and American Saddlebreds. His experience in showing and judging brings together all aspects of a competitive career. It's no surprise, why he is now bringing in the tri-colored ribbons for Spring Lane and our clients.

Mark has accumulated over 20 World and Reserve World Championships, breeding, raising and training some of the prime horses in the Hackney and Saddlebred industry such as Twin Willow's McMillan, The Remington, Twin Willow's McDreamy, Outside the Lines, Twin WIllow's Night Editor, Vindicator, Twin Willow's Wild Thing, Twin WIllow's Ashlyn, Heartland Candidate,Twin Willow's Daddy's Girl, Promise Honored, Mastercraft's Gambler, Twin Willow's Broadway Joe, Twin WIllow's Rex, Twin Willow's All That Jazz, The Road Less Traveled, Pardon the Interruption, Lady Singing the Blues (formerly known as Blue York Lady) and our very own Deep Blue's Blue Bonnie.

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